30 years of semi erotic (intimating) photography.

All photographes published on this site intimating.nl are Digital or analogue taken.
The analogue photographes are shot with a 4x5" View Camera, negative developing and eventualy the printing
where done bij me. Most of the time with selfmade (chemical solutions) developers and fixers.
Printed on the famous Agfa record rapid paper. Quality above all.
The digital equivalent is a Canon D5 mark II, with lots of accessories.

It has been a great pleasure to work with both systems but as always it is the photographer who has taken the photo.

When photography took over my life at the age of 6, I learned to really see and watch the world aroun me.
At this point I have over 400.000 analogue negatives and multiple TB ( terabytes filled with photo's ).

Anyway the photographes, the techniques, webdesign, web-building and hosting are all done by me.
After more then 30 years now shown for the first time.

I hope it has been fun for you to see it all, as it was for me to create it all.

Do you want to be a model, don't hesitate to contact me.

Alexander Paul Schop


Credits & Copyrights: A.P.Schop, intimating.nl | Photography and Web Design, Alexander Paul Schop, with ourtesy to APSmedia
" Intimating sensuality "