Intimating, The process of desire and beauty combined with erotical based tension caputered in photographes. Revealing the feelings of an emotional state of sexuality. Its the beauty of that proces that I have tried to reveal in my photographs without being vulgar and yet nearly crossing some bounderies.

This site shows ± 40 years of my semi erotic work.
Analogue ( 4 x 5 inch ) and later digital High resolution.
* note, manipulating in the darkroom has been replaced with Photoshop.
There is a minimal difference!. Always with respect for the models, human body, mind and character.
It is via this way I want to express my gratitude to all the models who patiently posed for me, and even more important the trust they all gave me, to share their beauty.

Please see for more details the creditpage. And disclaimer.
Alexander Paul Schop



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Intimating sensuality